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Gibara Low Budget Film Festival, as Solas Wanted to
Jorge Perugorria. Photo: Lisandra Cardoso
"It's such a huge responsibility for me having to chair the Gibara Low Budget Film Festival because it's something great I fully understood right from the start. We can't yet think how far this seventh art creation of Solas can go, and at the way he dreamt of," said Jorge Perugorria in meeting with the media at the famous cafe Las Tres Lucías, in the northeastern Cuban city of Holguin.

Perugorria, that also pioneered this seventh art event, went over the filming of the movie "Miel para Oshum" in Gibara, city that inspired Solas to devise the Low Budget Film Festival.

Doing so in Gibara was a challenge, mostly because the digital format was used in "Miel para Oshum" for was the first time ever in Cuba; that was how he got to know of the possibilities that the new technology would bring to make good movies, far from the commercial trend imposed by US producers to all the world over.

The Gibara Low Budget Film Festival will be taking place upcoming Arpil 20 thru 24 in that coastal town, north of city of Holguin; indeed too shot time for the Festival, considered the second largest in Cuba, said Roberto Smith, the president of the Cuban Film Institute.

Smith said that the Low Budget Film Festival of Gibara, far from the glamour of Hollywood or Cannes Festival, quality is defended, as they bet on true art and the people's massive participation.

The Festival made a step backward after Humberto Solas parted, indeed a huge loss, because everyone agreed that Solas is a classical moviemaker hard to replace.

For Perugorria, Smith and Joel Batista, who runs the Film Center in the province of Holguin, they are working hard to make this Festival to continue being a unique meeting of the seventh arts, in spite of the not many economic resources at producers' reach.

After the conference, Perugorria emphatically said, "We'll do it all to make this Festival to keep moving forward."

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