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The prize of the young Chino
  • Written by Flavia L. Dotres Sánchez
 Daniel David Díaz Diéguezbecame the youngest person to win the outstanding Onelio Jorge Cardoso literature award. Photo: Flavia Dotres
He could pass between people like an ordinary boy. It is amazing how much each person conceals inside and the wonderful world that some possess and that goes unnoticed by other people. Such is the case of Daniel David Díaz Diéguez, who is currently in the twelfth grade and recently became the youngest person to win the outstanding Onelio Jorge Cardoso literature award

The Literary Training Center Onelio Jorge Cardoso is a cultural institution specialized in the training of new writers. Bet on developing the talent of young people in an environment of total creative freedom. In their courses, not only are better storytellers formed, but also better human beings.

El Chino, as everyone knows him, learned about the contest because some friends told him about it and today, his professional life has changed.

Since he was a child he showed interest in letters and step by step he made his way in this wonderful world, despite the introverted character he has, but this does not limit his dreams.

Only 16 were selected from all over Cuba and in November of this year he knew the good news. On this occasion, the prize consists of a course in narrative and literary techniques, by prestigious Cuban writers. The course will be divided into two stages, one in May and the second in July 2018.

Blood, Existence and Spell were the three stories of fiction that earned him recognition and although they do not make up a trilogy, the author confesses that there are points of contact between them, especially in terms of a mythological figure very recurrent in his work.

At the moment, El Chino hopes to obtain a career in Dramaturgy, because his passion is to write for the theater and for which he already passed the first exam (he was the only winner in all East of Cuba) subtracting another one and the demanding entrance tests to the University.

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