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Cuban Folks in Love with the Radio and Radio Banes
Maritza Rosas Hernandez and Alcibiades Leyva Lagares. Photo: Radio Banes
There are flash loves, loves at first sight, loves that come out just like that but last all their lives; that is the case of Maritza Rosas Hernandez and Alcibiades Leyva Lagares who fell in love over 40 years ago while working at Radio Banes, who spend their honeymoon there, took their children there and have lived their happiest days in that station in the Cuban province of Holguin.

Alcibiades Leyva joven f Radio BanesRadio Banes, named after the town of Banes, has just turned 47 years (June 25th), and for Alcibiades and Maritza their workplace is life itself; they met there and became boyfriend and girlfriend there.

"I was very young then, I began working there and made my career there until I just retired; at Radio Banes I found my love, my life, and my boyfriend for ever, my good Alcibiades," said Maritza.

"Mary (affectionately for Martiza) and I met there, we fell in love there and got married, and we've built this family: We have children grandchildren, and became grey-haired there; it (Radio Banes) is almost everything for us," Alcibiades stressed.

Martiza has been a presenter; Alcibiades, a reporter; both in love with the radio. They are almost founders of Miguel Angel y Maritza Rosas f Radio Banes archivoRadio Banes and gave their best to their dear radio station.

"The radio gave me much joy, I'm retired, but I can't get rid of this magical place; I sometimes picture myself there, and even dream I am talking on the microphone. I remember the time lived side by side my colleagues, like Miguel Angel, Avelina, Pedro Bravo (Mayito), Ricardo, Nilda, Gustavo, Alberto Ruiz, Mercedes, among others," Maritza said with a bit of nostalgia.

Alcibiades familia f Radio Banes"For me Mary is my life, as so is the radio. They both are my fiancées. They're part of my life; I can't live without her as can't live without the radio. They are my memories, my illusions, my passions," said Alcibiades.

In life one can find many love stories, some may resemble another one, but that of Alcibiades and Maritza is so true and worth praising that I am forced to tell. / By Carlos Garcia Matos - Radio Banes / Translated by Radio Angulo.

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