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Holguin: CMKO Radio Angulo, 8 Decades in the People's Heart
Studio at CMKO Radio Angulo. Photo: Amauris Betancourt
In August the first, 1936 CMKO was on the air for the first time. Since then, that radio station has been delighting radio goers in the Cuban city of Holguin, in the homonymous province and nearby jurisdictions for eight decades soon.

In its opening day, the first the piece broadcast was "Campanitas de Cristal" by Puerto Rican Rafael Hernandez - the favorite song of Manuel Angulo Farran, its owner -, and next the Cuban danzon Cuyaguateje.

Enterprising Manuel Angulo Farran, and with revolutionary stance, defended from his radio station his ideas and denounced the scourges hitting Cuba at the time.

CMKO's motto "we say with courage what others remain silent for fear" talks by itself of Angulo Farran's thoughts of decrying the abuses and outrages committed by the governments from the time against the people, thus his microphones became a tool to fight and unmask the fake democracy reigning then.

He allowed leaders from the Movimiento 26 de Julio movement, like Pedro Diaz Coello and other revolutionary figures, to speak on the microphones of CMKO.

Angulo Farran, consistent to his ideas was a true revolutionary that was killed by the assassin troops of dictator Fulgencio Batista on the ninth of December, 1957 together with his companions of struggle Pedro Rogena, Atanagildo Cajigal, Ruben Bravo, Ramon Flores and Mario Pozo.

He did not survived the victory of January te first, 1959 but his example, his sacrifice, his courage and dedication to fight for his ideas gave him a place in history and the country's martyrology.

Barely six days after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in January the first 1959, its staffers decided to call CMKO after him; that is why Radio Angulo toda .

Radio Angulo is the head station of the Radio Broadcasting system in Holguin province, which is made up of eight other municipal stations, and six radio studios; what guarantees reports from the 14 municipalities of this northeastern jurisdiction.

Sight the 80 years of the foundation of CMKO its staffers are meeting a packed agenda to salute the date; among them upgrading courses, contests, exhibitions, talks, lectures, shops, a softball tourney, but also the acknowledgement to its staffers with a remarkable career, among many other actions.

All those activities will close next August the first, date CMKO - Radio Angulo - the People's Tribune that was founded by Manuel Angulo Farran turns eight decades planted in the heart of Holguin people.

That date will be the chance to remember the path walked and the starting point to continue on spreading the work of the Cuban Revolution and the homeland, which that martyr shed his blood for.

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