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Graduates in Cuba almost 29 thousand doctors from all continents
Students from the ELAM . Photo: Juventud Rebelde
The Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM), founded by the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, in its 14 graduations has trained almost 29 thousand doctors from 90 countries, informed a specialist of that institution

In dialogue with the ACN, Luis Estruch, Professor Emeritus of ELAM, stressed that this is one of the great achievements of the Cuban Revolution and the thinking of Fidel Castro, because that center emerged on November 15, 1999, after the of two hurricanes through Central America and the Caribbean.

Cuba had to send two thousand or three thousand doctors to those countries to help, and the leader of the Revolution said: why do not we prepare the doctors for the nations ?, that they send the young people from the most remote places and graduate here, the expert recalled.

At the beginning 500 scholarships were granted for Central America,
after a thousand,
later five thousand and later 10 thousand, for which it became a great project; This is the work of Fidel Castro, the only school of its kind in the world to train doctors from other countries completely free of charge is the ELAM, Estruch stressed.

According to Estruch, two thirds of the graduates have the title validated in their countries where they practice, of them there are two ministers of Public Health: the one of Bolivia and the one of Costa Rica, also viceministers, provincial directors of health and scientists.

He specified that of the total of graduates, the third part has done the specialty in the medical offices of Cuba, and in other health institutions, and then upon returning to their countries they arrive with the titles of doctor and specialist.

Professor Emeritus of ELAM pointed out that Fidel's dream of preparing poor young people for underdeveloped nations is being fulfilled and there are currently close to two thousand students not only from the region, but from all continents, for which he has become a world school.

He continues to develop his thought of training them in human values, in solidarity, in contact with the community, he said.

Cuba has prepared 1,100 doctors in Haiti, 800 in East Timor, and 172 young Americans, most of them validated in the United States, where they work in poor neighborhoods and promote community programs; they are extraordinary things and of impact for the future of those States, he stressed.

That no one would have thought, the day that Fidel offered scholarships to the United States and more than 80 young people from that country are currently preparing in the Antillean nation, he said.

Cuba has also created nine faculties of Medicine in Africa, with professors and the Cuban method; while the most successful program is that of Venezuela, where 22,000 Integral Community Doctors have graduated and about 20,000 are in training.

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