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The True Treasures of Cuban Guanahacabibes Peninsula

Gorgeous coastal landscapes marked Guanahacabibes pensinsula. Photo: Granma
For more than two centuries, the Guanahacabibes Peninsula, Cuba's westernmost point was a land of pirates, who took advantage of its solitude and its enviable geographical position – situated on the obligatory shipping route of the ships that carried the riches of South America to Spain. Thus, the story goes with the most terrifying of sea robbers, who once plagued the Caribbean, hid out there, from where they organized their acts of villainy.
Increase in Passenger Arrival in 2016 at Holguin Airport

Ernesto Guevara Sculpture Complex Sets Record of Visitors

The Ernesto Guevara Sculpture Complex, located in the central Cuban city of Santa Clara, was lat 2016 visited by more than 374 900 people; thus breaking a record for the period, a continuous rise over several years reflecting the interest in Che Guevara's life and work.