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CMKO's 80 Birthday, Popular Shows at Radio Angulo
The staffers of the radio show Fiesta en el Campo. Photo: Amauris Betancourt
CMKO, named Radio Angulo by staffers' decision, will be turning 80 years next August the first. Such a thing was a way to honor its founder and owner, Manuel Angulo Farran, who was killed for his revolutionary life in December 9th, 1958.
Holguin Children Radio Show with Remarkable Tia Ketty
Holguin: CMKO Radio Angulo, 8 Decades in the People's Heart

FIESTA EN EL CAMPO (Countryside Fiesta): This is a show presented by very popular presenter Sergio Antonio Gonzalez Valero, who is a personality of culture in Holguin. This show dedicated to rural people and city's goers of Cuban rural music nickname it "La carreta de Valero" (Valero's Cart) after the piece that identifies this show. The music is played by Cacoyoguin group, which is accompanied by rural poets, improvisers that tell their decimas, controversias, pie forzado and seguidillas.
(I want to get on board Valero's Cart)

fiesta de colores abg01FIESTA DE COLORES (A Colorful Fiesta): A show for children whose main characters are children who perform together with talented actors and actresses from CMKO. The show seeks contributing to the formation of values thru topics that attract the little ones. The show moves around the story of the Familia Romerillo (Romerillo Family): Julio, Pili, Isabel, Mama Romerillo (Mom Romerillo), and fantastic characters like Estropajo (a goblin), Brujolda (a witch), Malevola (evil character). This show has been on the air for almost 30 years.

TIEMPO (Time): A two voice show that tell goers on historical events, mainly local ones. They achieve their goals through the testimonies collected. They may deal with a single topic or a serial one on transcendental events, or on a specific figure; they also go over anniversaries of events of the Cuban history.

ECOCIENCIA (EcoScience): A two voice show that present in plain language topics on science in Cuba, Holguin and the world. The idea is taking to radio goers issues on science, technology and environment. The topics to be aired may be coordinated with the local branch of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA). The show includes interviews to specialists or personalities that have achieved some scientific or technological results or that can speak about technological outcomes in Cuba and the world.

ecociencia abg01QUE CUENTEN LOS NIÑOS (Children Telling Stories): A show for children where a short story – original or adapted – is told thru the language of the radio. There is a character whose main role is telling goers details on the story to be heard, as well as the life in brief of its author. She is called Yiya Polilla. They call her Polilla because this word is used in Cuba to refer to people that read a lot). Each new day they choose a local or foreign short story writer.

VIAJERA PENINSULAR (Peninsular Traveler): A two voice show on the history of the decima - Cuban rural poetry-, so much the written or improvised ones, on styles of the decima and the best representatives of this popular genre; the presenters convey their message thru a plain language but highly artistic.

(Note: VIAJERA PENINSULAR is the title of by Cuban poet, Jesus Orta Ruiz - el Indio Nabori-, in which he makes reference to the Spanish poetry that got deeply rooted in Cuba, tinged with the flavor and colors of rural life. It is Peninsular Traveler because of having travel from the Iberian Peninsula into Cuba; before peninsula was used to refer to Spain.

Viajera peninsular
Como te has aplatanado,
Qué sinsonte enamorado
Te dio cita en el palmar.
Dejaste viña y pomar
Soñando caña y cafe,
Y tu alma española fue
Canción de arado y guataca
Cuando al vaivén de una hamaca
Te diste al Cucalambe.

tiempos abg01CUANDO UNA MUJER NO DUERME (When a Woman Does Not Sleep): A female voice presents the show that makes its way thru a dialogue with a woman that tells remarkable moments of her life. The show allows goers know of women's career as workers, scientists, artists..., in fact, their social contribution.

PUERTA A LA IMAGINACION (Door to Imagination): A sow with three main characters: Puerta, Gata Marilola and Pili (Door, She Cat Marilola and Pili). Its goal is developing the taste of children music, and its cultural values. They may tell a story, talk of anniversaries of events, about a music composer, or an interpreter of children music. The show goes thru the voices of its actors and actresses, children members of the acting club of Radio Angulo. / By Yenisleidys Nogueira Quintero.

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