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Holguin Children Radio Show with Remarkable Tia Ketty
Cuban actress Enriqueta Perez Albert, Tia Ketty in Casita de Juguete - the popular show for children at Radio Angulo in 1070's and 1980's-, cannot forget the day she was awarded with the Microfono de la Dignidad five years ago.
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Today, sight the 80th celebration in the Cuban city of Holguin of the foundation of CMKO, by its owner Manuel Angulo Farran, Tia Ketty and Casita de Juguete remain alive in the minds of their large audience

Enriqueta Perez Albert, or Tia Ketty for everyone, received many awards along her career, "but nothing compared to the moment I saw Moraima (Moraima Lopez Leon who runs Holguin Province Radio Broadcasting System) handing me over the Microfono de la Dignidad."

This the top acknowledgement granted by the Holguin Province Radio Broadcasting System; an award that was instituted in August the first, 1996 to praise the work of creators, personalities and institutions, so much from the radio and the culture as well.

"I see Radio Angulo as my second home, it's my life because it's been a school for me, where I learnt from everybody, from presenters, reporters and sports caster. I was also a union leader together with my husband, Orlando Mora." (A radio retired worker that passed away not long ago).

She stops for a moment and brings back to her mind her little goers thru Casita de Juguete... "today many of them are artists, presenters, journalists, writers, docs, engineers... but one thing that I full enjoy is that people remember me as Tia Ketty. And when I face them today, I don't see them huge and grown up, because I keep seeing the little faces I saw in "La casita de juguete."

To the question of the significance of "La casita de juguete" at 5:00 PM thru Radio Angulo, she said: "La casita de juguete" has been the best gift I've been given in my life. I didn't have a child, but I have all the children that call me Tia (Tia Ketty) with so much affection, and even years later they keep meaning so and loving me the same."

Many generations of goers in Holguin shared with Tia Ketty in "La casita de juguete" children radio show.

And she said "the past generations, today's and tomorrow's" and magically she becomes the young actress and presenter that made children pack around the radio to listen to her.

She taught at the literacy campaign, was a militiawoman and an active member of the Committees for the Defence of the Revolution (CDR), and Cuban Women's Federation (FMC).

It is in fact that granting Enriqueta Perez Albert (Tia Ketty) the Microfono de la Dignidad means recognizing her "worth, dedication, fidelity to the principles of the Cuban Revolution and the Homeland and Fidel (Castro)," and all that is found in her. / Lidya Esther Ochoa.

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